New Year, New Team

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As of 9am today, we are officially back open for the new school year! Although we have only been open for less than a day, our team of directors have been working hard all summer long to make sure our shop would be ready for the university and Norman community. It would only be polite to introduce you to our stellar trio of humans:


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Meet Bri!
Once upon a time, a great mystical being was born. Her name was Bri. She had great abilities to create art with nothing but espresso an milk that could give amazing power to human beings. The people that had this magical drink could think faster, write faster, suddenly have a great burst of energy. But this power came with a cost. After the effects of this drink had work off, the people lost their awesome powers. So Bri decided to just give these drinks constantly so as the effects could never wear off. When not giving out this elixir she tended to read absurdist. novels, such as Christopher Moore, or be the best at Mario Kart. She also loved to pet random cats and dogs, especially chubby ones. Watch Bri do her magic on Tuesdays from 1-3pm and Sundays from 5-8pm.


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Meet Courtney!
Born and raised in OKC, Courtney is a true Okie at heart. Some of Courtney's favorite things include denim, label makers, and people watching. Nothing is more soothing to her than cleaning the espresso bar. Courtney is drawn to coffee because of the way it can connect others together from all over the world. As our social media wizard and event coordinator, Courtney is constantly online. When Courtney is not working as one of our co-directors, she's exploring her hometown, eating copious amounts of ice cream, or reading about the latest Game of Thrones theories. Be sure to see her Tuesday and Thursday Mornings from 9-11am!


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Meet Thomas!
Thomas is probably made out of coffee. While we can assume that is biologically incorrect, Thomas lives and breathes coffee. If he isn't serving coffee here and Second Wind or Leaf + Bean in OKC, he's probably snuggling his cat Melvin while drinking more coffee. Aside from his passion for coffee, he loves bizarre music, virtue ethics, post World War II Japanese history, and talking to people about their passions. Catch him behind the bar at Second Wind on Fridays from 9-11am and Sundays from 11-1pm!