our mission

"Since 2008, we have created an open and welcoming space for students at the university of oklahoma where they can truly express themselves in any way. "

Second Wind is a Non-Profit coffee shop founded in 2008 by the First Presbyterian Church of Norman with the goal of having an inclusive space for students at the University of Oklahoma because it's great location in historic Campus Corner. Our mission here is to create high quality coffee to the students of the university and to enrich our surrounding community. Our shop is different from other places; we are a registered non-profit (501c3) and because we do not have set prices, but recommended donations. We decided this would help provide the less fortunate customers be able to get high quality coffee without the high prices that come with usual specialty shops. 

Today, Second Wind continues to support not only the community of the university, but the Norman community as a whole. In addition to our space, we program different events with university and local organizations including open mic nights, concerts, and lunches with FPC.

our Ministry

One thing that makes our shop special is that we are a part of First Presbyterian Church of Norman. In conjunction with the FPC, Second Wind houses a weekly Bible Study on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm.  Led by volunteers of Second Wind, these bible studies are aimed to facilitating discussions as well and are always open to students who are either wanting to strengthen their knowledge or are curious into knowing more about the Presbyterian faith. First Presbyterian Church of Norman is our greatest supporter and we continue to partner with them in multiple events throughout the year to bring students and members together. For more infornmation, Check out their website at www.fpcnorman.org

A place to drink good coffee, make new friends, and occasionally study for midterms.
— Abe Wallace, Student Volunteer

Facts about our shop

  • All of our baristas are student volunteers.
  • We partner with local businesses to keep our drinks close to home.
  • Our carefully curated art is all submitted by students at the university.
  • We have events every week ranging from all types of forms. 
  • Our shop hosts a weekly bible study every Tuesday night. 
  • The neighboring church, First Presbyterian Church of Norman, hosts a weekly Sunday lunch for the volunteers and students.
  • Our volunteers go on yearly mission trips during school breaks.