Featured Volunteer: Gabi Thompson

This week's featured barista is junior advertising major Gabi Thompson; our shop's very own T-Swift aficionado, lover of all things pumpkin and the answer to all your customizable café beverages.

Gabi is one of the newest baristas on our team but has already made her place at home in our shop, specifically behind the espresso bar. She loves to create new drink recipes but of all her cool combinations, the chai cold brew is by far her favorite (and it really is delicious).

When she's hanging out at Second Wind, she can be seen chatting it up with baristas and guests alike. One of her favorite things is to meet new people and have down-to-earth conversations and hear the backstories of others. Gabi can also speak Portuguese and loves to learn about other cultures.

If you ever have a question about anything regarding Taylor Swift, Gabi can surely answer almost any of them. While she is a fan of both new and classic Taylor, she can't stop bumping her latest album "Reputation" which includes her favorite songs Delicate and Gorgeous. She said, "I think they're both just the perfect example of that excitement and nervousness when you have a new crush and you wanna say something but everything is so overwhelming and there's that uncertainty in the air".

Gabi's favorite season is fall and for that, one of her favorite things to bake are pumpkin spice cookies. Keep an eye out for them around the shop or in her second home on campus, Conoco Philips--but eat one quick before they all disappear!

Tentatively slated to graduate in May 2020, Gabi would like to explore her options in higher education or even work in retail design upon graduation. With her welcoming nature, resourcefulness, and optimism, the world is her oyster and she knows she will achieve her goal.

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