Featured Volunteer: Kaelan Deese

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Kaelan is our resident cool guy at Second Wind. If you happen to strike a conversation with him at the shop, you might truly hear about a band you have never heard of before. Kaelan was recently awarded our Campbell Family Scholarship based on a compelling application. We had a chat with Kaelan about why he decided to volunteer at Second Wind and to find out about what he likes to do outside of school and hanging out with us:

Second Wind (2W): When did you start volunteering at Second Wind?
Kaelan Deese (KD): I started my barista journey last February and started contemplating volunteering after speaking with several baristas about the opportunity the semester before. 

2W: What drew you to this place?
KD: Coffee invited me through the door but the camaraderie kept me coming on a regular basis. I had never been to a shop, let alone a place that made me feel like I could strike up a conversation with anyone and not have to worry about judgement. Acceptance would be the appropriate answer. 

2W: What's you favorite memory at Second Wind?
KD: It’s not a specific memory, but I enjoy the shenanigans of getting creative with experimental drinks that 9/10 times taste completely awful but are nonetheless entertaining to share with other baristas. 

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2W: It's a Sunday afternoon and you have no responsibilities, what do you do?
KD: If there’s a concert show I want to see, you should bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there. Otherwise, I would definitely take the opportunity to do as little as possible before a busy week.

2W: What's you favorite drink to make yourself, and what's you favorite drink to make others?
KD: My personal favorite drink is a perfectly extracted espresso shot but I love making lavender lattes for people that are indecisive about what they want to order. It always seems to be a nice surprise for some. Everyone's a sucker for lavender. 

Congratulations again to Kaelan, and be Sure to catch him slinging drinks from 5-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester!

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